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I feel like I should really limit contact with friends

I’m a mess a lot of the time and people are starting to see me or talk to me when switches are happening because of triggers or whatever

It’s embarrassing
And my friends don’t deserve to deal with it
They don’t deserve to deal with me or my traumatized alters
They deserve better
They deserve better than me

I just feel like I should get silent again
I don’t know


I can hear the buttons screaming. (X)

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after months of bein away from my blog this is finally updated

yo i don’t usually post anythin on lizzy’s blog but in case anyone was curious and wantin to know more bout our system members - here ya go

- alec

Alec told me about reblogging this on my blog. :)

Since I get a lot of messages my alters and what they’re like and all that, I think it’d be a good idea for those of you who are wondering about my system to click on this. 

Alec has his…own way of describing each alter haha. :)


Sometimes I forget that not everyone knows everything that ever happened in the Harry Potter Universe.

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Let’s just all take a minute to appreciate the kindness of our overlord.

Also, his shirt.

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look i wanna be straight up w/ you guys if you ever wanna just come to my askbox and headcanon-jam or talk about characters or something idk like you should just do it we dont already have to be friends or anything

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"Do it." (x)

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i scare people lots because i walk very softly and they don’t hear me enter rooms so when they turn around i’m just kind of there and their fear fuels me

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Your therapist thinks your limp’s psychosomatic. Quite correctly, I’m afraid.

Your therapist thinks your limp’s psychosomatic. Quite correctly, I’m afraid.

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